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What others are saying about Steaming Their Sisterlocks?


"My hair felt dry and I had a flakey scalp when I first began..."

I noticed that Beautiful Hair Products made my hair less brittle. Steaming my Sisterlocks was nice. My absolute FAVORITE part of this whole Steaming Your Sisterlocks Case Study, was having my me-time to steam my hair and be still. It forced me to take time out for at least an hour a week.



"This has been an amazing experience!"

Not only is my hair thin, but it is soooo dry and brittle. I dreaded reties like no other. I was READY to do something I know that the products coupled with the steamer will be my new normal. I will only use this for my Sisterlocks.
Looking forward to seeing my hair thrive and flourish! Thanks Rene!



"I was busy yesterday washing conditioning and steaming my hair"

I have taken time to embrace myself, pamper myself & LOVE MY LOCS.
I used the Argan haircare system and I can truly say my Beautiful Hair Products should be renamed Miracle Argan.
I love my hair now and my scalp and hair got the ROYAL TREATMENT!


Steaming Your Sisterlocks Challenge

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The Steaming Your Sisterlocks Challenge is a results based 5 Day challenge. Unlock your hair's potential and learn the tips and tricks for growing beautiful, moisturized, and healthy Sisterlocks. Watch your hair thrive and transform right before your eyes.

You will learn how to take your hair from dry crunchy hair and dry itchy scalp to a hydrated, healthy scalp and, fuller looking, soft, shiny and healthy growing Sisterlocks.

This steaming challenge will teach you how to stop making the common mistakes that most Sisterlocks wearers make and to revitalize your hair step-by-step in a proven systematic way.

Learn from the Queen of Steam - Rene' Michelle Floyd as she teaches you everything you need to know on how to obtain soft, hydrated, moisturized, and growing Sisterlocks.

Rene' is the creator, owner, and CEO of Beautiful Hair Products LLC. She is also a retired certified Sisterlocks consultant that enjoyed her career for over 15 years. She started her business and became a natural hair specialist which spanned over 25 years.

These days she is living her dream as a full-time online entrepreneur where she markets her proprietary Beautiful Hair Products. 

Rene' created the Steaming Your Sisterlocks Challenge because she saw a need in the Sisterlocks community where women were complaining and becoming frustrated with people telling them, "only use water in your hair; and it doesn't take all that for your Sisterlocks." Well, for some it does, and STEAMING your Sisterlocks has become a game-changer not only for Rene', but countless others.

Rene' specializes in Sisterlocks that are dry, slow-growing, and thinning.

She teaches women how to – hydrate, moisturize and grow their Sisterlocks by using her Beautiful Hair Products Moisturizing System Bundles which includes Steaming.

5 Mistakes That Keep Your Sisterlocks Dry, Slow-Growing, And Thin: Especially Mistake #3!

On day one,  you will learn why to stay away from cheap hair products for your Sisterlocks.

On the second day, you will learn why most consultants tell you not to moisturize your Sisterlocks.

On the third day, you will understand why your hair is thinning and your scalp is damaged.

On the fourth day, you will learn the cause and the effects of over-manipulating and over-dyeing your Sisterlocks. 

On the fifth day, you will understand why you must take back the control of your Sisterlocks journey. 

Rene Michelle Floyd - queen of steam

This is who Beautiful Hair Products is...

 Only The Best Hair Care Products for Your Sisterlocks

Products that were made especially for your hair style...

Beautiful Hair Products 

Natural Solutions for Healthy Scalp & Beautiful Hair

Stronger, less brittle, fuller and softer

Argan oil Shampoo

Hair and scalp that comes alive!

Peppermint hair spray

No more itchy scalp or dry hair

Super conditioner w/Lanolin

Sealing and protecting your moisturized hair

Lavender Castor Oil

Stop! Making Common Sisterlocks Mistakes And Transform Your Hair!

How To "Transform Your Sisterlocks"
In Just 5 Days!

The Next Steaming Your Sisterlocks Challenge Starts:

LIVE! 5 Days!
October 23rd - 27th
 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST 


Step Up To The Steaming Your Sisterlocks Challenge

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11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST




  • ​ 5 Days Of Training With Rene' Michelle Floyd Queen Of Steam
  •  Access To The Steaming Your Sisterlocks FB Group
  •  5 Mistakes That Keep Your Sisterlocks Dry...



11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST




  • 5 Days Of Training With Rene' Michelle Floyd Queen Of Steam
  • ​Access To The Steaming Your Sisterlocks FB Group
  • ​5 Mistakes That Keep  Your Sisterlocks Dry...
  • ​VIP Backstage Pass To The Q&A  And Direct Collaboration With Rene' ​
  • ​Benefits Of Steaming Your Hair
  • ​Queen Of Steam Background Image
  • ​Access To All The Video Trainings



Frequently Asked Questions

If Your Questions Aren't Answered Here Feel Free To Contact Me At 

Q: Who is this class for?
 People who are tired of dealing with dry slow growing and thinning hair that know there's a better way to obtain healthy and thriving Sisterlocks.

Q: Who is this class NOT for?
Lookie Loos. People who are not really ready to commit to making the necessary adjustments to reaching their hair goals and who are not serious about investing in the care of their Sisterlocks. Don't waste your money or our time.

Q: How long does the steaming challenge last?

The Steaming Your Sisterlocks Challenge runs for 5 days. Each day you will have a homework assignment to  complete before the next days challenge starts. At the end of the 5 days we will have a LIVE celebration!

Q: Do I have to purchase Beautiful Hair Products in order to participate in the Steaming Your Sisterlocks challenge?
During the Steaming Your Sisterlocks Challenge,  Beautiful Hair Products are used exclusively. 

Q: Can I join the steaming challenge if I don't wear Sisterlocks

Although, this steaming challenge is mainly for those who wear the hairstyle called, Sisterlocks, anyone who sees the benefit in steaming their chosen hairstyle is welcome to join us!

Q: Is this Steaming Your Sisterlocks challenge only for women

Men, women, boys, and girls, are welcome to join the Steaming Your Sisterlocks Challenge!

Q: What if I don't own a "hooded" steamer , can I still participate

Our online store sells the hooded Hair Spa Steamer. A hooded steamer will give you the best results. If you do not own a hooded steamer, this will not prevent you from joining the steaming challenge.

Q: Can I use other hair care products other than Beautiful Hair Products during the steaming challenge

During the Steaming Your Sisterlocks challenge, only Beautiful Hair Products are suggested to be used.

Q: What if I don't have any hair or scalp issues, can I still join the challenge

Congratulations to you for not having any hair or scalp issues! You are welcome to join us and be a source of encouragement and support!

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